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 Throughout the years we have observed many successful and unsuccessful relationships between western men and foreign women. The experience showed us that clear communication, integrity and privacy between the man and the woman always leads to a serious relationship and marriage. Privacy in your communication with the lady you are interested in makes you feel more comfortable and be natural. Privacy with your lady is one of the things that the numerous Mail Order Bride Agencies or Dating Sites on the net cannot give you. These Agencies conduct the correspondence between you and your lady at all times. They charge a lot of money to translate your letters to her, and her letters to you. These agencies charge you for translation on highly overpriced phone rate, in case you want to hear her on the phone. If you want to visit your lady in her own country, these Agencies will charge you thousands of dollars to arrange your trip. And booking a trip through the agency is the only way you can see her in person. Do you think that this “zero” privacy and freedom of clear communication will lead to a successful relationship or marriage? At ecountess.com you have 100% privacy in your correspondence with ladies. All the ladies registered at ecountess.com are being filtered by their language knowledge and have at least basic or average English skills. This ensures your direct communication with the ladies, and eliminates the need for translation. You have the full freedom to exchange contact information, call or visit your lady at any time*. In contrast to many other dating sites and brides agencies in the field, ecountess.com gives you privacy and freedom of your communication with ladies.

There are more advantages that make ecountess.com more special than any other site in this field. For example big part of the women registered here have visa or permit to reside in the United States. Many women enrolled in Work&Travel programs have seasonal student visas, other have travel visas, and third already live in the United States and are ready to see you.  

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And don’t forget, the secret is to make your lady feel special, like a real countess. 

 Think about how much you spend on a night out at a bar or restaurant. And how often you happen to meet single ladies from Eastern Europe or Russia? Is it worth it to give up a tiny part of your single date budget for a lifetime of love with someone special? Get started now and find out for yourself!

 Serious relationship, marriage, casual relationship. Either of those three speaks for the despair of finding a suitable man in their own country. They are hunting for Western man.

Don’t be fooled that some of these women are just looking for a man from the West because they want to move abroad. They are looking for the perfect husband. Men from the West are more gentleman-like and romantic.

“There are more women than men in former Soviet republics and Eastern European countries,” says Dr. Brigitte Otto, a German sociologist in Russia. “Alcoholism and illness is a huge problem among the men, and the men who aren’t sick or dead are often already taken.

It is common for a woman that don’t marry in her 20s to end up dating a married man, which is not a good prospect.

Eastern European and Russian women are highly educated, speaking couple of languages, great wife’s and partners in life. But many of them have small chance of finding the true love in their own country. So, women look abroad.

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Big percentage of our ladies are students on a Work&Travel programs, have student-,travel- or working visas. Many of them could be here right now or could be visiting soon. That increases your chances of meeting your lady sooner than you think. Is it worth it to be passive when your chances for success are growing? So get started now and see who is out there for you!

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