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Jack and Silvia, Toronto

Thank you eCountess.com!!!
Thank you very much for helping me find the perfect partner and big love - Christoff.

We've been together for 1year and 3m. already and we are planning our wedding for Oct 15 2010.

We deleted our profiles on the site a while ago because we do not need them any more:)
Jack and Silvia, Toronto
Dilyana and Eric, Brussels

"We connected instantly..."
Hello ecountess team! I am in a hurry to tell you thank you very much for our meeting with Dilyana. We met here, she was in my perfect match and I send her a kiss... This is how all started!!! You do very necessary work. You help people to feel happy. I will recommend your website to my friends with a great pleasure!

from Eric

What can I say? Ecountess.net found me the man of my dreams in a place I never expected. I met Eric on the site and we connected instantly. He visited me first in Bulgaria and this was the beginning of our dream relationship. Now I live in Belgium with him, we are very happy. Now we are planning our trip to Thailand and Singapore...

from Dilyana

Dilyana and Eric, Brussels
Frank from Los Angeles and Nessa from Czech Republic

I love Prague and I love my Nessa:)
First of all THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for being around! And I also want to thank my homie Rob for telling me about you guys.

Thanks to ecountess.com I found my love, my beautiful Nessa. She was the 3rd on my Perfect Match list in my profile...3 has always been my lucky number:)

In short, we live in Prague now and I'm in the process of transferring my business here. I love it! I love Prague and I love my Nessa:)

Even though I'm not using the website anymore I will NEVER forget ecountess.com


Frank Mullen
Frank from Los Angeles and Nessa from Czech Republic
Marcel from Norway  and Maria from Bulgaria

"Unbelievable and different..."
We would like to thank you very much Ecountess team, we found each other on your website. And now we are happily married and live together, for better or for worse.We started our communication last August and we met each other in September in the same year.

We are one happy couple and we wish same luck to everyone on your website!


The feeling to be with a real gentelmen is unbelievable, so different than my other relationships. Your website and your team changed my life forever.

I found the true love and real man next to me, man from a society where Bulgarian women are treated like princess..

Marcel from Norway and Maria from Bulgaria